Moving Fourth

"Dad, you need to move on." - Braden "Son, we missed you this Fourth. We won't ever move on, but we will move forth." - Braden's Dad I didn't hate school but I most certainly didn't like it. What I did love about school were those amazing brief warm months of summer. My twin brother, [...]

My Daddy’s Hand

Father's Day gift from Braden "Is heaven everything you had hoped?  Are the gates really made of pearl? Are the streets laid with gold? Is heaven real? Can we see each other again?"   - Braden's dad "Happy Fathers Day! Pearls and gold are only earthly creations.  I really can't describe Heaven, but you'll understand [...]

Scarred and Stained

"Happy birthday, son. We miss you and we're all hurting."  - Braden's Family "I love you all so much! Please look and listen closely for what God has to say, and He will help heal your pain". - Braden May 8, 2019. 1:30PM.  The day before Braden's birthday. Lately, we've written more than usual. Cathy [...]

Senior Year

Senior picture for year book "Son, you worked so hard and deserved to see graduation day, but you never got that experience. You'll never have your own family. A fulfilling career. A long life. A hope for tomorrow and a future." - Braden's mom & dad "I do have a future, but one you can [...]

Easter Saturday

"I've had some things I need to share but just can't form my words. Why can't I get this out!" - Braden's Dad "Mom has a lot on her heart she needs to share. Wish I was there with y 'all for bluebonnet pics this Easter. My Love," - Braden With our first Easter without [...]

A Father’s Eyes

“I miss you, son. Sadly, I too often missed ‘you'. Why couldn’t I have had eyes like your Heavenly Father.” - Braden’s dad “Don’t be ashamed to cry, dad. God wants you to know everything will be okay. Life can be cloudy. Rainbows will come after the rain.” - Braden “Tears mirror how God used [...]

Every Corner

"Dad, remind people to just simply S-L-O-W --- D-O-W-N.  Remind them to be LOOKING for those who need someone to give them hope. Thanks for listening. I love you". -Braden “I'll certainly remind people, but I'll also take this advice into my own heart as a father. Son, I'm sorry for being too late in [...]