About Us

Before November 2018, I didn’t know nor care to know about blogs.  I don’t consider myself a writer and like most people, I’m not that comfortable speaking to groups. That is, unless I feel passionate about something that really needs to be shared. This is one of those times. We have some messages to share from our hearts by tuning into what we believe our son, Braden would want to share if he had the opportunity.

We’re a “typical” American middle class family doing life just like most of you.  We are Christ followers, but just like everyone else we face daily trials and challenges. In October 2018 we experienced a living nightmare.  A loss no family should have to experience, especially when everything humanly possible was done to avoid it.

Realizing we’re not alone in our experience, we decided to be open by sharing a “conversation” with Braden, hopefully to share some insights for those who either have a their own child experiencing depression and/or those who are weary of hearing of their the epidemic statistics of suicide.

We began this blog a few weeks after Braden left us with a short story, “Dream Nightmare” and post new ones only as we feel led by the Holy Spirit.   Our prayer is through sharing transparently, God’s light will shine on a dark path many are walking… too often alone.

God bless you wherever you are on your own path and life journey.

Cathy, Mark, & Caitlin Speed